A starter Chatbot

This version corresponds to a questions-answers system.
In this case, it is essential to define different scenarios that can take place between a user and the chatbot. The chatbot interacts with a client request by text, image or media and can be integrated into your website.


A more advanced Chatbot,

At this level we will not limit ourselves to the management of the knowledge base of the company but also we ensure the loyalty of the customers.
The chatbot allows in this case to generate notifications to customers for information (product availability, launch of new products, opening of the new showroom, change of work schedule, …).



The chatbot will be developed to give access to advanced functionalities determined by the needs of the company, as an example: survey proposal, processing and transfer of commercial / service requests,
With this release, the company will have access to a special Dashboard that provides access to statistics, customer management and other interfaces related to the requested functions.


Starter Business Entreprise
Nombre d’interactions 30 50 Selon les besoins
Nombre de requête Illimités Illimités Illimités
Réponse par texte Oui Oui Oui
Réponse par media Oui Oui Oui
Notification aux clients Non 5/mois Oui
Conception graphique 5 10 Selon les besoins
Mise à jour des interactions 5/ mois 10/ mois Illimité
Accès tableau de bord Non Trimestriel Tableau de bord
Statistique Non Oui envoyer par E-mail Tableau de bord
Extraction liste Contact Non Oui nécessite une demande Récupérable du back end
Fonctionnalités avancées Non Non Selon les besoins
Intégration au site web Oui Oui Oui
Support E-mail Tel. / E-mail Tel. / E-mail prioritaire